Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Moonmoon hates physical contact !

Women! Oh pretty women! Some are tender as the touch-me-not plant who shut themselves when touched by rough objects. Moonmoon Dutta (aka Babita Iyer of Taarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah fame) is one delicate beauty who allegedly hates physical contact from certain co-actors. Dutta"s 'touch-me-not" attitude hasn"t gone down well with the unit members. Thus the director allegedly kept her out of few episodes. A little birdie from the sets informs, “Moonmoon is a nice girl but she"s also very fidgety about being touched. From the beginning, she"s unhappy playing wife to a dark skinned man (Tanuj Mahashabde). She"s expressed her displeasure over this before and thus maintains distance from Tanuj." “Things got really worse recently whilst shooting for the Holi sequence, Moonmoon refused to be touched by an anonymous and apparently unattractive side artist. She shouted on top of her voice and chided 'Sheeeeee, I don"t want him to touch me. How can anyone be allowed to touch me?" Everyone was in deep shock and the director Dharmesh Mehta finally decided to take Moonmoon to task. He reprimanded her for indulging into such frivolous behaviour. Moomoon is currently on leave but it is rumoured that the director has deliberately kept her out of few episodes to teach her a lesson," added the source.

When contacted, Moonmoon rubbished the news. “No such incidents occurred. All of us work under a very positive environment. That"s why we"re successful. I"m in Kolkata as my father is hospitalized. I literally had to beg out of the episodes. Thankfully, the story is on kids, so, I got a few days off to attend to my ailing father," said Moonmoon. Well, we wouldn"t delve further in this issue, but merely pray for a quick recovery of Mr. Dutta.


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